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Golden Block Awards .

Golden Block Awards will recognize the best in this industry by awarding extraordinary individuals, contributions, and ventures. These exceptional ideas and projects will be chosen across 20 categories amid a room full of thought leaders, investors, and media.

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Anybody who has ever thought of capitalizing on cryptocurrencies, has first looked at crypto exchanges. The industry thrives on trading, and this category is for the most popular cryptocurrency exchange!

Emerging Cryptocurrency Exchange

It’s all about reputation, currency support, and transaction fees. We are celebrating the mid-man traders of cryptocurrencies. This category is for the Cryptocurrency Exchange that turned the tables in 2018.

Disruptive Startup of the Year

This award will showcase the “new kid on the block” that had a disruptive impact in the blockchain and crypto sector. If your startup has blockchain at its core, then plunge into this category to receive the deserved recognition.

ICO: Zero to Hero 2018

2017 was a roller coaster for Initial Coin Offerings. We are one year ahead, and the award ICO: Zero to Hero 2018 is for an ICO that was launched in 2018 and has made it big with a promising and sustainable ROI.

Sustainable ICO

Have you frequently had business reasons to celebrate after completing your ICO? This award is for you as it recognizes the post-ICO success of a project.

Best Crypto Male Influencer

This is to honor the best male ‘buzz’ creator within the crypto community. This category is for an influencer who possesses the power to make people ‘hit the like button, subscribe, and share.’

Best Crypto Female Influencer

In a male dominant space, women influencers bring in fresh energy and views for the industry. So, this award celebrates all such creative women who get the marketing charts up, soaring high.

Best Crypto Blog

Anybody who is intrigued in cryptocurrency would have probably researched and read cryptocurrency based blogs. This category is for the most appreciated website in the Crypto world that keeps the community up to date and engaged.

Best Crypto Journalist

Well, everything that everyone knows today is because of the journalists in the crypto space. This category is for the most followed journalist for stories and content that’s unbiased, honest, and relevant.

Best Crypto Forum

This category is for the most talked about community which has been providing a home to the thoughts of thousands of rabid crypto enthusiasts by letting them connect with like-minded people (and not bots).

Best Blockchain Youtuber

Blockchain technology is continuing to transcend all borders, where Youtubers influence a wide audience- be it a newbie or old enthusiasts. The most influential Youtuber in the crypto world will sweep away this title.

Innovation in Supply Chain

With secure and transparent transactions based on blockchain- supply chains welcomed possibilities of disruption. This category is for the best use of blockchain for supply chain management.

Best CEO Blockchain (Male)

The industry is driven by leaders who thrive on challenges and innovation. So, this is to celebrate the contributions of a male CEO- it could be the idea, use case, implementation, performance, or all!

Best CEO Blockchain (Female)

The industry is driven by leaders who thrive on challenges and innovation. So, this is to celebrate the contributions of a female CEO- it could be the idea, use case, implementation, performance, or all!

Best DApp

Within this ever-growing catalog of eye-catching innovations, DApps have emerged as one of the areas to look out for. The Best DApp award is for the one which has successfully eliminated single points of failure.

Emerging DApp

Some of the most impactful implementations of DApps were possibly designed in 2018. This category is for the DApp that provided some exciting potential and rolled up to create a more sophisticated digital ecosystem in the year of 2018.

Blockchain in Entertainment

Along with developing a better understanding and use cases of blockchain, we saw the media and entertainment businesses embrace blockchain. And this category celebrates the pioneers of blockchain in entertainment.

Best Crypto Community

Live chats are a fantastic way to get information immediately, to connect with people having common interests, and to stay updated within the industry. This category is for the best Crypto Chat-Room.

Best Gambling

Blockchain technology has helped the gambling Industry to reach new heights. This category is to give recognition to the hidden yet popular industry of gambling on blockchain.

Best Blockchain Marketing Agency

This category honors the specialists in creating a digital conversion funnel that goes hand in hand with the needs of a blockchain powered company and execute structured marketing strategies in Blockchain space.


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